Bread and Buddha

WordPress Zen & Web Design in Swindon. “Website Design needn’t be hard work.”

Here, you will find web design solutions that will help your business or organisation to fulfil its potential. Like many others, you come to Bread and Buddha seeking assistance with your web design and new media projects.

You need professional web designers that can deliver stunning, user-friendly and high-search-engine-ranking, affordable designs on time.

We love using the WordPress platform for our websites and we love to show you how to use create your own too.

Web Design Wisdom from Bread and Buddha

Since 2007, people from all walks of life have sought the website wisdom of Bread and Buddha. Sole traders, small business owners, charities, social enterprises, entrepreneurs, and even major TV personalities have asked us to provide web design solutions that really enhance their chances of online success.

Although the temple of Bread and Buddha is based in Swindon, our clients come from far and wide seeking our web design expertise. That’s because word of our excellent service is travelling fast, and our reputation as first-class web designers is growing rapidly.

“Now is the time to benefit from the web design wisdom of Bread and Buddha. Contact us today to discuss how we will help your business or organisation fulfil its online potential.”

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