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Setting up WordPress made simple

When I first started using WordPress over 3 years ago, I was baffled by how you set it up on your own domain name (i.e. There is a famous “5-minute” install that took me about 5 days to figure out. If I found it difficult as a web designer, how would the average person wanting to set up a website find the task?

The aim of this 2-hour webinar is to equip you with the basic skills to get your own WordPress website online by:

1. Giving you the knowledge on how to buy a website name, hosting and how to install WordPress

2. Giving you the knowledge on how to add your own pages, images, blog posts and more

3. Giving you the knowledge to explore and develop your website further after the webinar

Who is this suitable for?:

Self Employed Business People, Students, People who want to start blogging, Small Businesses, People on a tight budget, Churches, Community Groups, Small Charities, Non-Profits…

I like the idea of giving control over the to the client as I hear too many horror stories with web designers taking too long to update websites (even small updates).

Next Training Session:

Venue: Online

Cost: £17.99

You will be directed to a secure payment page, then the event registration page.

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